Friday, November 13, 2009

Taxation Without Representation

Taxation without representation isn’t a new phrase. It’s one we usually associate with the Revolutionary War. However, in 2009, it may be time to start shouting this protest phrase once again. As is the case with the recent Tea Parties, which derive their name from our founders protest against high tea taxes levied by England, some things old seem to be new again. And – as was the case prior to the Revolutionary War - the people living on this continent in this country are once again being taxed without proper representation. This time, however, is more insidious since we all erroneously believe that we do have representation in the form of elected officials. But do we?

Anyone who has read a recent newspaper, watched a news show, or listened to talk radio knows that the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, is a Democrat. As Speaker of the House, Ms. Pelosi enjoys a certain amount of power – power that she isn’t afraid to use and power that she most certainly does abuse. Among her most recent abuses is her recently discovered “lock out” tool. Ms. Pelosi has discovered that she can (and did) lock out Republican congressmen and women from deliberation over the highly controversial Healthcare Bill. In the 5th District in NJ, as in other districts around the country, our congressman is a Republican, which means the 5th District of NJ was not represented during the Healthcare deliberations. Ms. Pelosi also tried to lock out protesters from entering the Capital Building last week as 30,000 citizens gathered to speak to their representatives. Some persisted and managed to access the Capital building in spite of Ms. Pelosi’s efforts. But nonetheless, Ms. Pelosi did her best to separate citizens from their representatives.

If Ms. Pelosi denies us or our representatives from participating in our government, then those living in those districts that have been deprived of representation, are paying federal taxes without having representation. This is taxation without representation and this type of elitist attitude by those in government is what inspired the Revolutionary War. Perhaps it’s time for another revolution or perhaps we can still snatch what is left of our Constitutional rights from the hands of these despicable ideologues who have high jacked our system of government and totally disregarded the Constitution that they swore to uphold and protect. It seems to me that we have a few options left: demand Nancy Pelosi be removed as Speaker of the House or stop paying federal taxes until our representation is restored. While these actions may seem radical, they pale compared to the radical actions exercised in our Capital building today.

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