Sunday, November 15, 2009

Justice or Revenge

There has been much chatter on the news and on the blogs about President Obama’s decision to send 9/11 mastermind and co-conspirators to New York City for trial. Attorney General, Eric Holder, announced and defended this decision by pretending to take the high road – offering to take the heat this abysmal decision would inevitably generate. Taking the Attorney General at face value, one might think he was noble and standing up for his perverted version of justice. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve the privileges United States citizens enjoy – as if it was some kind of God-given right? Shouldn’t these war criminals that admittedly plotted the murders of innocent victims be afforded protection under our Constitution? Eric Holder and our President seem more concerned with the rights of these terrorists than the rights of the victims and their families. To add insult to injury, this farce parading itself as justice will unravel just blocks from the World Trade Towers massacre. And if history repeats itself, we can expect a swell of new terrorist recruits who are inspired and motivated by the publicity and promulgation of terror ideologies these trials will display.

Citizens and those who were in leadership in New York City at the time of the massacre, along with surviving victims and the families of those who did not survive, all voiced their protest to this travesty. However, the administration turned deaf ears to their protests – just like they turned deaf ears to the Tea Party protests. But should we expect something different from a President who bowed before the King of Saudi Arabia?

As if all this isn’t bad enough, it is hard to dismiss the possibility that the Obama administration is more interested in putting the Bush administration on trial than affording justice to these self-professed war criminals. It is the only thing these dastardly libs have to gain. We all should realize at this point that our dear President is intolerant of any criticism. Remember Joe the Plumber - just an average citizen who spoke out against the principles of Marxism? Joe was persecuted mercilessly by Obama lackeys. Coincidentally, President Bush came out of retirement this week and gently spoke out against the Obama financial policies. And coincidentally, scarcely a day or two later, the current administration announces that these trials will be held. I don’t know about you, but I don’t much believe in coincidences. For the last year or two, those in the spotlight have been bending over backwards to give the President the benefit of every doubt. And like many who bend over backward, they have gotten a swift kick in the posterior. What kind of president disregards the wishes and well being of his citizens in favor of those who assaulted his country in a most egregious manner? Certainly not one that is a patriot. Justice or revenge? You decide.

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