Saturday, September 29, 2012

Announcing Our Official Support for Congressional Candidate Mia Love

All, Previously, the North New Jersey Tea Party Group has announced its official support for the candidacies of Ted Cruz (for U.S. Senate from Texas), Congressman Scott Garrett (for the U.S. House of Representatives from New Jersey's 5th congressional district), and Richard Mourdock (for U.S. Senate from Indiana). We continue to support each of these candidates, and today, we are proud to announce our official support for the candidacy of Mia Love (for the U.S. House of Representatives from Utah's 4th congressional district). Many of you have told us that you were impressed -- even moved -- by Mia's speech at the Republican National Convention. You can view her stirring speech through the following YouTube link: To learn more about Mia's candidacy, please visit her campaign's official website, located at: Also FYI, Mia's campaign Facebook page can be found at: In addition, her Twitter handle is: @MiaBLove Mia presently serves as the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah. I have donated some of my personal money to Mia's campaign, in the hopes that this inspires you to do so as well. (Should you decide to donate, please follow all applicable laws.) In addition, I would like to bring to your attention the following arguments about who else to support in the upcoming elections: "Who to Support in the Election" by Robert Tracinski "Principle vs. Pragmatism in Supporting Romney-Ryan" by Craig Biddle "Romney-Ryan 2012 -- Ayn Rand Forever" by Craig Biddle "Further Thoughts on Why Objectivists Should Actively Campaign for Romney-Ryan" by Craig Biddle To quote Bosch Fawstin (Twitter: @BoschFawstin): "Obama's not running against Romney, he's running against America. Vote accordingly." Personally, I support these arguments, even though I fully recognize that neither Mitt Romney nor Scott Brown are close to being consistently pro-liberty. As such, I have also donated some personal money to the campaigns of Mitt Romney for U.S. President and Senator Scott Brown (for U.S. Senate from Massachusetts). While the North New Jersey Tea Party Group has not announced its official support for either of these two candidates, it is my hope that you will personally consider the arguments made for their candidacies at the links above. Folks who are interested in donating to these two candidates can do so at the following links (as always, please follow all applicable laws): The North New Jersey Tea Party Group is the largest New Jersey-based tea party organization on Facebook, with well over 4,000 members between our two Facebook group pages.
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