Friday, November 23, 2012

Montclair State University (Montclair, NJ) Violates the Free-Speech Rights of Millions

The North New Jersey Tea Party Group was pleased when, recently, The Daily Caller and several other New Media outlets highlighted the obscene rantings of self-proclaimed Communist Grover Furr, a professor at Montclair State University (MSU), located in Montclair, New Jersey. The Daily Caller's recent article quotes Furr as stating that he has "spent many years researching this and similar questions [Khrushchev’s charges against Stalin] and I have yet to find one crime… that Stalin committed.” You read that right: a Communist professor at one of New Jersey's taxpayer-funded universities claims that he cannot even "find one crime" that one of the biggest mass murderers in world history committed. Even an outlet as leftist as The New York Times notes that "Millions of people were killed under Stalin as a result of forced collectivization, deportation of ethnic groups, imprisonment in the Gulag and party purges, among other tactics." Source: And of course, there are numerous other online sources that detail -- through words and photos -- Stalin's gruesome murders. We have decided not to link to some of the more ghastly photos we easily located in a less-than-one-minute Google search. The Daily Caller's article about the Communist professor that New Jersey taxpayers are forced to support is located at: We encourage you to read that article, and view the video embedded within it. Toward the end of The Daily Caller's article, The Daily Caller comments that "A statement obtained by The Daily Caller from MSU defended the First Amendment rights of the individual: 'Montclair State University is an open university in what is fortunately a free society. As a consequence, we would never seek to censor or interfere with such an event, no matter how absurd anyone might find some of the views expressed. Free speech is the cornerstone of our democracy, and it is a principle that is easy to defend when we are in agreement with, or at least not offended by, the views being expressed. We are only really tested in our adherence to the principle when the views being expressed are abhorrent to us.'" But of course, Montclair State University is NOT defending the principle of free speech in action (which The Daily Caller should have noted). How so? Simple: as an organization that willingly accepts taxpayer funds -- read: part of your hard-earned income that has been forcibly confiscated by the State of New Jersey via threat of imprisonment -- it willingly violates the free-speech rights of all those millions of individuals who are forced against their will to pay for Communist professor Grover Furr's salary. To put it another way: Furr indeed has the right to make asinine statements. But neither Furr nor Montclair State University have any sort of moral right to force you, or any other individual, to "pay for the microphone." Properly understood, free-speech rights include the right to refrain from paying for speech with which you disagree. The North New Jersey Tea Party Group recognizes that the only way in which to end this rights-violating situation is for a complete separation of education and state. Only when the state is not in charge of leftist indoctrination centers such as Montclair State University, are individual New Jersey taxpayers able to decide whether or not such anti-education entities deserve your financial support. And, to be clear: the North New Jersey Tea Party Group firmly believes that the leftist, government indoctrination of millions upon millions of American children over the last several decades contributed to the recent re-election of the most anti-American president in U.S. history. As an organization that deeply values freedom, free speech, and education -- as opposed to tyranny, government-subsidized speech, and indoctrination -- the North New Jersey Tea Party Group calls for a transition period in which the federal government, as well as New Jersey's state and local governments, remove themselves from the education industry. In other words, the North New Jersey Tea Party Group calls for the complete separation of education and state. The North New Jersey Tea Party Group is the largest New Jersey-based tea party organization on Facebook in terms of group page members, with well over 4,000 members via our two Facebook groups (see links below). Mark Kalinowski North New Jersey Tea Party Group Liberty, Free Markets, and Individual Rights E-Mail Address: nnjteaparty(at) Facebook Group Pages:!/groups/172402990061/ and!/groups/111373848903476/