Monday, September 20, 2010

An Open Letter re: Fake Tea Party Candidate -- and Obvious Democratic Party Plant -- Peter DeStefano

The following is an open letter that is being sent to New Jersey's Director of Elections, Robert Giles:

September 20, 2010

Mr. Robert Giles
Director of Elections
225 West State Street
Trenton, NJ 08608

Mr. Giles,

I write to you to call for a formal investigation into the candidacy of Peter DeStefano in New Jersey's 3rd congressional district (NJ-3). The evidence shows that Mr. DeStefano's campaign is rooted in fraud, and as such, his name should not be permitted on November's ballot as the voters in NJ-3 select their next congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Even the Newark Star-Ledger recognizes that something is amiss, in a July 25th editorial entitled "Did Adler camp plant a fake candidate?":

Among the questions that New Jersey voters deserve answered:

* Current incumbent (and Democrat) John Adler claims that none of his current staff members has worked on DeStefano's campaign -- but what about past (including recent past) staff members?

* For example, how is it that out of thousands upon thousands of NJ-3 voters, of the 247 signatures on DeStefano's filing documents, one of them is Marshall Spevak, the December 2007-November 2008 Press Assistant for John Adler?

* The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that at present, "Spevak lives just doors from Adler" on the very same street! How close are Spevak and his family (multiple Spevaks signed DeStefano's candidacy documents) to Adler and his family, especially given that Spevak used to work for Adler, and that various Spevaks have donated thousands of dollars to Adler and other Democratic Party candidates?

* Given Spevak's involvement, and the fact that both notaries that signed off on DeStefano's filing documents are politically active Democrats, what other Democrats -- and Democratic Party officials -- were/are involved in DeStefano's campaign?

* How many of the other 246 signatures belong to politically active Democrats? How many of these have explicit ties to John Adler?

* DeStefano claims that a friend of his son's circulated the petition that Spevak signed. Why was DeStefano unable to name or produce his son's friend when asked to by the Philadelphia Inquirer? Does this supposed acquaintance even exist? Who really obtained Spevak's signature?

* Did any Democratic Party members collect signatures for DeStefano? If so, how many, and who are they?

* Why, in an interview with, why did DeStefano indicate that he left the Republican Party to become an independent, when in fact it was the Democratic Party that he left to become an independent?

* DeStefano filed his candidacy on June 8th, but was a registered Democrat until June 3rd. How many of the 247 signatures in his campaign filing were collected when DeStefano was still a registered Democrat?

* Why had no legitimate grassroots tea party organization in New Jersey ever heard of DeStefano prior to his candidacy?

* Why has not a single legitimate grassroots tea party organization in New Jersey announced its support for DeStefano's candidacy?

* Why does DeStefano claim to have "tried to get in on the Michael Smerconish debate" between Runyan and Adler, when the Michael Smerconish Show radio program director says that DeStefano never contacted them in this regard?

* Why has DeStefano -- an independent candidate with little money or name recognition -- agreed (multiple times) to be interviewed by reporter Jane Roh of the Courier-Post newspaper (as best as we can tell, the largest daily newspaper in terms of circulation based in South Jersey), only to back out of these scheduled interviews every single time?

* Were any laws broken -- for example, laws against fraud?

The state of Michigan recently began conducting some of their own investigations into Fake Tea Party Candidates/Democratic Party plants, and decided that 23 candidates would not be permitted on its ballots this November. In addition, criminal investigations regarding multiple individuals involved with the Fake Tea Party Candidates in Michigan are ongoing as of this writing.

Michigan takes the integrity of its ballots seriously. It is my hope that New Jersey will choose to do the same, by investigating Mr. DeStefano's candidacy, by not permitting his name to be on NJ-3 ballots this November, and by seriously pursuing criminal charges should they be warranted.

I look forward to your reply at the phone number below. Thank you for your attention to this serious matter.

Kind regards,
Mark Kalinowski
(address and phone number provided in letter)

*** The North New Jersey Tea Party Group is the largest New Jersey-based tea party organization on Facebook in terms of members, with over 4,500 of them combined in our two group pages. ***

*** As always, feel free to pass on the above information! ***

Mark Kalinowski
North New Jersey Tea Party Group
Liberty, Free Markets, and Individual Rights

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