Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eyewitness Describes Physical Attack by Congressman Pascrell's (D-NJ) Employee at Town Hall Meeting

Fellow Tea Partiers,

As you may have heard by now, this past Monday, August 9th at a public forum in Montclair, New Jersey hosted by Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-NJ), I was physically attacked by Pascrell's employee Ann Mega.

Although there were multiple witnesses to this attack, Pascrell and his staff are choosing to lie about this incident, hoping that it will go away. For example, a story on the Montclair Times website notes that "Paul Brubaker, Pascrell's spokesman, said he spoke to Mega, who denied touching Kalinowski."

Pascrell and his staff are sorely mistaken if they think that they will get away with such blatant lies.

Toward that end, we have interviewed one of the eyewitnesses to the attack, Patricia Kehlback. (Thank you very much Patricia for your responses to my questions.) Read for yourself what this eyewtiness has to say about Ann Mega's attack on me, and Pascrell's support for her:


Question 1. Yes or no -- did you personally witness Congressman Bill Pascrell's employee Ann Mega physically attack me -- not just my reaction to her attack, but the actual attack itself -- at Pascrell's Forum on Senior Issues in Montclair, New Jersey on August 9, 2010?

Patricia's response: "Yes; at that time; I was looking around the room to see if [Patricia's friend] Ellen had arrived yet; as I always save a seat for her and saw you walk in; and I saw this woman come right at you; and forcefully push you... you appeared stunned."


Question 2. Would you characterize Mega's touching of me as gentle and friendly, or something more rough and sinister?

Patricia's response: "Oh, she was like a Bulldog and approached you as one."


Question 3. Do you think Mega was trying to grab me, push me, or something else?

Patricia's response: "She pushed you to get out of there."


Question 4. The Montclair Times notes that "Paul Brubaker, Pascrell’s spokesman, said he spoke to Mega, who denied touching Kalinowski." What is your reaction to Mega's claim that she didn't touch me?

Patricia's response: "That is a complete lie; she most certainly touched you."


Question 5. My immediate response to Mega physically attacking me was to shout at her, "Get your hands off of me!" Shortly thereafter, Congressman Pascrell shouted at me that "You don't talk to a lady that way!" Do you consider it to be ladylike behavior to physically attack a peaceful American citizen? Why or why not?

Patricia's response: "She was out of order; as was Pascrell. What right does a Woman have, to behave in this manner; yet, if it were the other way around; (the man touching a woman) the man would be arrested."


We will have much, much more to say about Ann Mega's physical attacks on two of Pascrell's peaceful constituents -- the other of whom is a senior citizen -- and Pascrell's support for her, in coming days. In the meantime, for more information about these attacks, please refer to the following August 12th blog post:

The North New Jersey Tea Party Group continues to call on Congressman Pascrell to do the honorable thing, by immediately and permanently firing Ann Mega from his staff, and by sincerely apologizing for her thuggish behavior -- and his shameful support of it.

To date, no such actions or apology have been forthcoming.

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*** As always, feel free to pass on the above information! ***

Mark Kalinowski
North New Jersey Tea Party Group
Liberty, Free Markets, and Individual Rights

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